Broward County Health Plan

BRHPC has developed the Broward County Health Plan. The Health Plan provides a comprehensive analysis describing the community, health care system and various factors influencing health and health care access. The Plan covers a variety of topics, from labor force statistics to immunization rates, reflecting the broad scope of public health as well as highlighting the correlation between socioeconomics and community health. For example, education and crime are two socioeconomic factors that can significantly impact individual and community health.

County Health Rankings – Broward County Health Snapshot: 

Broward County Health Snapshot 2011 – 2023

Florida Department of Health in Broward County (FDOHBC) Publications:

2019 – 2024 Broward County Health Community Assessment

2021 – 2026 Community Health Improvement Plan

State Health Improvement Plan

Broward County Health Plan Chapters:

Below is an overview of each Broward County Health Chapters.
PDF’s will be made available of each chapter as the chapters are being updated.

Chapter I: Regional Profile – provides demographic and socioeconomic indicators influencing health status and impacting availability of health resources that contribute to increasing utilization rates and decreasing availability of healthcare financing.

Chapter II: Health Status – outlines community health status through five broad health categories: Maternal and Child Health, Behavioral Health, Oral Health, School Health and Morbidity and Mortality.

Chapter III: Health Resources – provides an overview of health resources currently available in Broward County.

Chapter IV: Healthcare Utilization – provides healthcare utilization data. Broward County’s diversity as well as the seasonal fluctuations in population can influence utilization.

Chapter V: Healthcare Financing – discusses the increasingly complex topic of healthcare financing. It outlines numerous sources of healthcare financing in Broward and provides a brief description of healthcare funding.

Chapter VI: Benchmarks – sets annual community health priorities, identifies community interventions, and measures progress attaining to health improvements. 

Chapter VII: The Health Data Warehouse – explains and examines the Health Indicator Modules form the Health Data Warehouse which include: 1) Prevention Quality Indicators/Avoidable Admissions, 2) Inpatient Chronic Conditions (ICD-9), 3) Suicide Incidence, 4) ED Acuity Stratification (CPT) and 5) NYU Algorithm ED Preventable/Avoidable Admissions.

2023 Broward County Health Profile – provides a synopsis of Broward County health indicators. It is a compilation of statistics at the county and state levels; including population demographics, socioeconomic factors, leading causes of death, infectious diseases, maternal and child health, healthcare utilization, healthcare access and prevention quality indicators.

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