The Supportive Services for Veterans and Families (SSVF) program offers housing assistance for vulnerable veterans and families who are at risk for homelessness or are already homeless.

Veterans eligible for SSVF services are assigned a Case Manager responsible for completing an assessment and a housing plan for sustainability in maintaining permanent housing.

Supportive Services will include the following:

  • Assertive Outreach
  • Ongoing Case Management
  • Housing Stability and Counseling
  • VA Benefit and Health Care Acquisition
  • Public Entitlement and Disability Benefit Attainment
  • Emergency and Temporary Financial Assistance
  • Income Supports:  Educational, Vocational, Employment
  • Legal Services

Staff Contacts:

Michele Rosiere, MSW
Vice President of Programs

Sharon Alveranga-Jones, MBA, BHS
Program Administrator
Phone: 954-777-7717or 954-567-9688