Staff Contacts:

Dr. Michael Collins
Michael Collins, Ph.D., Neuropsychologist & Director of Forensic Training

Phone: (954) 561-9681 Ext. 1292
Fax: (954) 561-9685

Jenny Pi, Psy.D., CAP
Assistant Forensic Director

Phone: (954) 561-9681 Ext. 1230
Fax: (954) 561-9685

Scarly Schroeder
Lead Case Manager

Phone: (954) 561-9681 Ext. 1274
Fax: (954) 561-9685

Started in 2003 serving mentally challenged individuals with forensic involvement. The program  is funded on a contractual basis by the Department of Children and Families. Today,  we serve in the State Hospitals, the Felony Mental Health Court and we are the only Competency Restoration Training provider in Broward County.
We serve as a bridge, which spans across the community, the jail, the state forensic hospitals and the criminal justice system.
We provide oversight of individuals under FS 916 , (charged with a felony and who are unable to proceed with their trial ) as well as inmates in the jail charged with misdemeanor and who are incompetent to proceed.
We provide an array of services – referral, linkage to services and supports, coordination of services, monitoring, assessments, diversion, treatment planning, discharge planning, writing of Conditional Releases, competency restoration training, advocacy, peer support.

Our Objectives:

To ensure the coordination of treatment services and supports within the least restrictive environment, preferably the community, for individuals with mental illness or co-occurring disorders.

To ensure decrease in the length of incarceration/hospitalization for individuals in jail and forensic hospitals.

To ensure access to services and treatment in the community.

To provide Competency Restoration Training.

To promote integrated partnership among community providers to deliver recovery- focused services.