BRHPC Community Programs

Broward Regional Health Planning Council offers 15 different
community assistance programs.

The image depicts a close-up view of a doctor's chest with a stethoscope hanging around their neck. The doctor is wearing a white lab coat and a blue scrub top. The stethoscope is black, and the earpieces are visible. The doctor's hand is also visible and appears to be gesturing. This image provides a realistic representation of a medical professional.

Centralized Intake & Eligibility
Centralized Intake and Eligibility for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS in Broward County provides a single entry point of service and assistance with applications and referrals to 3rd party benefits and community services to all eligible Broward County residents.

The image is a logo for the Broward County HIV Health Services Planning Council. It features a blue circle with the letters "HIVPC" in white. Inside the circle, there's a white silhouette of a person. The text "Broward County HIV Health Services Planning Council" is written in blue around the outside of the circle. This logo represents the council's commitment to providing health services for individuals with HIV in Broward County.

HIV Planning Council

The purpose of the Council is to provide planning, to promote development of HIV/AIDS health services, personnel, and facilities which meet identified health needs in a cost-effective manner, to reduce inefficiencies, and to develop HIV-related health plans.

The image is a graphic representation of various health insurance related items arranged in a circle on a white background. The items include a clipboard with a blue paper that reads "HEALTH INSURANCE", a stethoscope, a pill bottle, a calculator, and a green leaf. This image symbolizes the different aspects of health insurance.

Health Insurance Continuation Program

The Insurance Continuation Program provides financial assistance, to clients who meet the eligibility criteria and are enrolled in a Marketplace plan, identified by the Ryan White Program.

The image is a logo for the Nurse-Family Partnership, a program that helps first-time parents succeed. The logo is blue and white and consists of a stylized figure of a person with two circles on either side. The text "Nurse-Family Partnership" is written in a serif font, and the phrase "Helping First-Time Parents Succeed" is written in a sans-serif font. This logo represents the organization's mission to support new parents.

Nurse Family Partnership

NFP is an evidence-based community health program. Developed over 35 years ago and rigorously studied since its inception, NFP has a high degree of evidence that it works across a variety of health, social, and economic outcomes.

Success stories

Cristy Kozla

Ms. Cristy Kozla began her career at Broward Regional Health Planning Council in 2015 as a temp employee. A few months later, BRHPC was awarded a contract with the Early Learning Coalition (ELC) where Cristy was hired as a full-time employee and took on the role as the Payment Manager for the ELC Program. In this new role, Cristy ensured all day care centers in Broward County received their monthly payment, between VPK and School Readiness contracts, accurately and on time. After twenty-seven months, the ELC program ended and a new opportunity was present for Cristy. BRHPC was later awarded an expanded ADAP program and she is to this day, the Payment Manager for BRHPC’s Insurance Benefit Management System Program. Along with her extensive knowledge in finance and accounting skills, Cristy is also the office baker, who makes the most incredible and decadent desserts! Congratulations, Cristy!


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Featured Stories

Client Success Story

The client arrived at our office with anxiety because she owed three months’ rent and was served an eviction notice earlier that morning. The client faced this situation because her daughter moved out of the state to start a family and could no longer continue helping her. The client was immediately sent to Legal Aid, and they were able to start negotiations with her landlord to prevent the eviction. Staff reviewed the client’s applications and paid the client’s delinquent rent, preventing eviction.

Children’s Week Florida

Children’s Week Florida is the largest event held in the State of Florida that celebrates and honors Florida’s commitment to children and youth as well as those who advocate for children and youth in Florida showing the initiative to strengthen Florida families and communities. Partners and volunteers throughout the state will come together to hang a larger than life visual inside the Capitol Rotunda in Tallahassee between March 26 and March 31, 2023. The display is constructed from thousands of pieces of vibrant and beautiful children’s hand artwork from across the state.


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