The ADAP insurance assistance program is funded by the Florida Department of Health and is a component of the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). It is designed to assist eligible clients with costs associated with insurance premiums. ADAP clients have government-sponsored health insurance/Health Insurance Marketplace plans that include prescription coverage. The insurance plans for this new program were analyzed by the Florida Department of Health for its comprehensive coverage that includes a drug formulary that is comparable to drugs that are on the ADAP Program formulary.  Clients, who meet eligibility requirements and have enrolled in one of the designated plans, will receive health insurance cards and the same prescription coverage that they had previously while in ADAP. BRHPC pays for the clients’ monthly premium and ensures that the insurance carrier is paid promptly.

Clients who are currently in the AICP also receive assistance for COBRA and Employer-Sponsored health insurance premiums. Payments for both state-wide programs are initiated by the Florida Department of Health and processed by Broward Regional Health Planning Council, Inc.

This last year, the state of Florida’s ADAP program assisted over 4,000 clients by paying over $29M towards monthly insurance premiums.  This assistance is to ensure that clients remain in care and have access to physicians and the vital prescriptions for their chronic illness.